Case Study

This is a great case study for a business we worked with from conception, to online store… to a fully fitted brick-and-mortar business making their dreams come true.


Website & Online Shop

The first step for this business was to complete an online ecommerce website. Since this was a new business running from home, all of the revenue was to be generated online so it was  important to create a website that was easy to use and promoted their products and their heritage.


Branding and Stationary

As with any business it is important to create a brand that people will recognise. This brand needs to be everywhere: 


Retail Shop Design

The online website created an instant success for the business. They were soon inundated with orders and finally decided to go all in! We helped design a retail premises and fit out. Once completed they’re dream had finally become a reality and the response from the public has been nothing more than phenomenal.

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